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Disclaimer: This guide is meant for demonstration purposes only. Always refer to the official manual
for comprehensive instructions and safety information. The remote controls are designed specifically
for use with residential door openers manufactured post-1993 with photoelectric sensors located
near the bottom of the door track. Openers that utilize dip switches should be replaced with newer

Remote Programming Instructions

  1. Preparation
    • Start with the garage door in the closed position.
    • Ensure there is a light bulb in your garage door opener. This bulb will flash to indicate
      successful programming.
    • Note: The 891 LM and 893 LM remotes are compatible only with LiftMaster, Chamberlain, and Craftsman garage door openers that feature yellow learn buttons.

2. Locate the Learn Button: (pic)

    • Typically found on the back or side panel of the opener.
    • Identify the side with the hanging antenna wire; the learn button will be here.
    • Some openers may require you to open the light lens to access the button.
    • If the learn button is yellow, the antenna wire will match its color

3. Using the Control Panel

    • Some openers have a control panel for programming.
      • Multifunction Control Panel:
      • Motion-detecting Control Panel
      • Smart Control Panel with LCD Screen
        • Press ‘Menu’.
        • Use the down arrow until ‘Program’ is highlighted and then select it
          with the side arrow
        • Navigate using the down arrow until ‘Remote’ is highlighted, then
          select it using the side arrow
      • Doorbell Style Single Button Control Panel
        • Hold the light button on the sid
        • While holding it, press and release the front button. The light should blink once and then remain solid

4. Programming the Remote

    • Press the ‘Learn’ button on the motor unit of the garage door opener once. The LED
      associated with the learn function will illuminate.
    • Choose a button on your remote for programming. For this guide, we’ll use button
    • Press and hold your chosen button on the remote until the garage door opener’s
      lights blink or a clicking sound is heard, indicating successful programming.
    • Test the setup by pressing the programmed button. The garage door should move.
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