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Our Garage Repair Services

Torsion Spring Replacements

 Ensuring Safety and Longevity. Our specialized technicians offer top-notch torsion spring replacements to maintain your garage door’s balance and functionality.

Torsion Spring Repair

Professional Torsion Spring Repairs for Optimal Garage Door Performance. Trust our skilled team to repair your garage door’s torsion springs, enhancing its efficiency and extending its lifespan.

Cable Repair

Reliable Garage Door Cable Repair Solutions for Smooth Operation. Get fast and effective cable repair services to ensure your garage door operates safely and smoothly, reducing wear and tear.

Garage Door Opener Repair

Comprehensive Garage Door Opener Repair for Improved Accessibility. Our experienced technicians provide efficient repairs to restore and improve the functionality of your garage door opener.

Sensor Correction/Re-alignment

Advanced Sensor Correction and Re-alignment for Safe Garage Door Use. Ensure the safety and precision of your garage door with our professional sensor correction and realignment services.

Garage Door Panel Repair & Replacement

Quality Garage Door Panel Repair and Replacement for Enhanced Curb Appeal. Revitalize the appearance and durability of your garage door with our expert panel repair and replacement services.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I identify when a repair might be due?

Your garage door should feel like a well-oiled machine. Test its manual operation. When disconnected from the opener, it should move fluidly in both directions. A simple test is to open it about 2ft. If it’s heavier than expected or doesn’t hold its position, it might be hinting at some TLC. The door should also hold its position halfway and fully opened. Any resistance? Let’s give it the attention it deserves!

Is it time for a new garage door opener?

Modern garage door openers are like the smartphones of the garage world – packed with features! The latest models offer security enhancements like changing codes with each use, making them more resilient against potential breaches. Add to that the convenience of optional keypads, battery backups, and the luxury of quieter operations. It’s not just an opener; it’s an upgrade to your garage experience!

How does the cost for overhead garage door springs replacement look?

While you might want to shop around, expect around $100 per spring, plus installation. And here’s a pro tip: always consider replacing both springs. Professionals often advise this because when one gives way, its partner isn’t far behind. Prioritize safety by opting for a licensed expert for this job. At Custom Specialties Group, we prioritize quality, ensuring you’re covered with our lifetime warranty on all installed parts.

Do I need a professional touch for overhead garage door repair?

Absolutely! The art of garage door repair is specialized. There’s a certain finesse in handling overhead garage door springs. With the right tools and expertise, a professional ensures efficient and safe repair, particularly with those tricky springs. For peace of mind, always ensure your chosen expert is licensed, bonded, and insured.

What type of overhead door should I be considering if replacement is necessary?

Should you be exploring replacements, first, set a budget that aligns with your needs. While there are budget-friendly options, remember that quality can vary. Brands like Clopay and DoorLink are renowned for their overhead doors. Top-tier doors can be an investment, but they offer impeccable quality. And then, there’s the aesthetic choice: wooden or metal? Both have their charm!

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Garage Service Customer Reviews

“Not only did they quote me at $600—a full $200 less than the competition—but the quality of service was top-notch.
The technicians arrived promptly and were incredibly professional. They diagnosed the issue quickly and got to work. Before I knew it, my garage door was as good as new!”

Juanita Moran

Henderson, NV

“I’m a Realtor and have used and referred my clients to this company for garage door replacements and repairs.
The price and quality of work is exceptional. I highly recommend using them. Give them a call for quick and efficient service.”

Marlon Waite

Las Vegas, NV

“We had a new garage door opener, entry keypad and new rollers installed, and we had the garage door insulated.
The office staff were very friendly. I spoke with Brenda the most, and she was very helpful. The installer, Mladen, was friendly, and every installation was done very well.”

Georgia Washington

Reno, NV

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