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We Repair Garage Doors, Openers, Commercial Overhead Doors,

Fireplaces and more.

If you need us after 3 p.m. our phone number is (702) 657-1280.

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Garage Door Repairs

Did someone (of course not you!), forget to put your truck in park and now your garage door has a huge dent in the middle and won’t open? Call us. We can’t fix the bumper – but the garage door? No problem.

Did the Vegas heat make your weather stripping less than optimal? We can fix those drafts and increase energy efficiency as well as cut down access for small unwanted rodents.

Does your garage door go up but its speed is a bit lackluster? Call us! We can put the gusto back in your garage door!

Tired of having to lift your garage door manually? We know a Lift Master that can fix that.

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Garage Door Specialists

We promise that will never sell you something you do not need.

Our Service Call Fee which includes labor is $95 plus parts

Perform yearly maintenance on your garage door and garage door opener

Fix spring breakage: We will replace your broken springs with either (2) Torsion or TorqueMaster springs

Convert your TorqueMaster spring system to an External Torsion Spring System

Replace your weather stripping

Insulate your garage door

Fix broken cables, rollers, and springs

Repair bent tracks

Fix or Replace openers

Quiet noisy doors

Replace damaged panels

Issue extended warranty agreements

24 Hour Emergency Service 702-657-1280

Authorized LiftMaster Dealer

Custom Specialties Group is an authorized dealer for LiftMaster. We carry the following types of door openers:

  • Chain-driven
  • Belt-driven
  • DC-driven
  • Jack shafts
  • Wireless entry systems

Included with every purchase of a garage door opener are remotes, wall unit, safety sensors, and installation. Accessories are sold separately.

Fireplace Repairs

Were you wanting heat from your wonderful fireplace and all you got was the click-click-click of the igniter?

Are you terrified to light the pilot light? You shouldn’t be but I understand.

Does your fire feature turn on then frustratingly turn off again?

These things we can usually fix!

 model and serial numbers are behind the bottom panel model and serial numbers are behind the bottom panel

Fireplace Specialists

Our Fireplace Service Crew can put the flame back in your life as well as make sure your fireplace is operating safely

Just some things to consider:

  • We will never sell you a part of service that you do not need
  • Our service call fee which includes labor is $180 plus parts
  • Your make and model number is necessary to determine age and availability of parts and it can usually be found inside and behind the bottom panel
  • If your fireplace is older than 20 years old it may not be possible to get repair parts and we will help you decide what course of action is best for you
  • If it is over 15 years old there will only be a $25 fee to asses the problem as we will most likely not be able to get parts
  • We also service outdoor fire features

Okay, so you have a problem or you likely wouldn’t be on this page. Follow steps 1-3 below.


Gather Details

We need to know what happened. 

FOR GARAGE DOORS: the size, height and width, of your garage door, the brand and model of garage opener that is mounted to your ceiling, and a photo of the problem would be nice too.

FOR FIREPLACES: the make and model and what specifically happening.

Isn’t technology great?




What you can expect from us:

We will let you know when we will be at your service and we will not waste anymore of your time with this problem than is absolutely necessary.  You will be completely satisfied with our technicians and the service they perform or we want to know about it and we will make right.



Contact us

Please call us and let us know how we can be of service to you.

We are here weekdays 7:30 am -3:30 pm. Gizelle will be on phones and can schedule a repair.
After hours we can still help you. Call us at 702-657-1280 and we will be on our way.